Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add water to your dog food?

By feeding our food dry will help improve your pets teeth and health, however, you can add water but we recommend this is only done as part of a recommended weight loss programme.

What is hay?

In its most basic form, hay is dried grasses and plants. Learn about what goes into good horse hay, how it is baled and how it can be offered to horses

Why is it important to feed hay to horses?

Hays provide important nutrients but also bulk to maintain the muscle tone and activity of the intestinal tract. Horses that do not get enough bulk can develop clinical problems including colic, founder, wood chewing and other vices.

Does my horse need grain?

Horses are herbivores, that is, they are forage eaters. So feed more, rather than less, hay. Grain is not a compulsory feed for a horse. Grain is only needed for horses that have a high energy requirement e.g. racehorses etc.