Results within a few weeks after feeding P40 concentrate: A signnificant increase of vitality An increase of muscular strength and endurance A better resistance to infectious diseases Result: Pigeons remain in top condition even under varied circumstances A remarkable increase of muscular strength and endurance An increase in growth finer colour and plumage a full development of all hereditary qualities Feeding advice Gradually replace (1 week 10 days) 1/4 to 1/3 of the pigeon mixture you are usualy feeding by P40 Pigeon pellets. Plenty of fresh water and grit should always be available. Feed P40 Pigeon pellets all year round. Feed extra when you think your pigeons need more, e.g. some days before mating during breeding during molting before and after a big flight P40 supplementary Pigeon pellet is an ideal addition therefore you may feed a basic mixture of healthy grains, beans and/or peas. Mixing 2 to 3 parts with 1 part P40 Pigeonpellet will give excellent results. Young pigeons will grow faster with P40 Pigeon pellet and will have to be ringed a few days earlier. Feeding extra vitamins is not necessary. P40 Pigeon pellets are particularly suitable for periods of exertion.