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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hippostar SlobberMash - FREE DELIVERY

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Hippostar SlobberMash - FREE DELIVERY
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Price: £15.00
Delivery: Courier

Slobber Mash is an easy digestible feed made from extruded grains to which spelt is added for a better functioning of the intestine.
It is soothing for the digestive system and therefore very suitable for horses that are susceptible to colic.

Senior horses with chewing problems will eat it without difficulty.
The raised portion of linseed products results in a nice shiny and slick coat. Mash does not contain oats and hardly any added sugars. It can be fed to horses in rest, recovering horses, nervous horses and horses susceptible to founder.
Mash is diluted with lukewarm water and can be served to every horse and pony as a “Hot Treat”. It is very suitable for administering medicines.
Easy digestible
Perfect as a variation of concentrate
With extra linseed
For more shine
Suitable for administering supplements
Also for administering medicines

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Weight: 15kg

In stock at E & E Corn Supplies for immediate order.